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Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ answers your most common problems related to air conditioning.

It could be that your unit’s gas is low. You need to refill or top up the gas. The other reason could be a faulty capacitor.

When the room temperature has reached its set temperature by the remote controller, the condensing unit will stop operating. It will assume operation once the temperature rises.

This normally happens. It could be due to the smell of things in the room, such as cigarettes or even furniture, being sucked into the air conditioner and let out together with the air flow. Contact us and we will help fix this problem.

Check for these:

  • Air filter is not dirty or clogged.
  • Any object blocking the air inlet/outlet of the indoor/outdoor units.
  • Temperature set too high.
  • Windows and doors are closed.
  • Air flow direction is appropriately set.
  • Remote control is in the cooling mode.

It is normal for water to drip from the Condenser Unit as condensation takes place when warm air surrounds the piping connections.

The air conditioner temperature setting depends on an individual’s comfort level but the recommended temperature setting is 23 to 25 degrees Celsius.

This is a normal occurence. If it’s a flowing sound, it means this is the sound of refrigerant gas flowing in the air conditioner. If it’s a snapping sound, this is the sound produced when the air conditioner casing shrinks or expands due to temperature changes.

If the unit is used daily, do service the air conditioner once every 3 to 4 months to maintain its performance as well as prolong its life shelf.

Chemical flushing involves cleaning the air conditioner cover, air filter, drain pan & fan rotor with water, and flushing it with chemical to remove stubborn debris that stays in the cooling coil, clearing the drain pipe thoroughly, drying the components, and check the operating condition & temperature of the air conditioning system.

The air conditioner should be chemical flushed when your air conditioner no longer gives you optimum cooling performance. However, the need to chemical flush is best decided by a qualified air conditioner technician.

Check Services for details.

Clean the air filter or remove any obstacles. After cleaning, reset by pressing the filter sign button on the remote control to deactivate the red light. If the red light still flashes, give us a call and we’ll gladly help you out. 

Look at our Tips page for the best ways to keep your air conditioner working in good condition. For trouble-free maintenance, let us take care of your office or factory air conditioning maintenance. All you need is to sign up for our VIP Service Package.

You can find a list of what we can do for you plus a list of prices at our Air Cond Services page.
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