VRV Air Conditioning System

Save On Electricity & Enjoy Individual Control for Each Room

The VRV system is a multi-split type air conditioner for commercial buildings, shops and large houses. It has an advantage of letting you control the flow in each area of your building thanks to the variable refrigerant flow control. You can now control the air conditioning flow and temperature in each zone, floor or room of your building.

4 Major Advantages of VRV Air Cond

Automatic smart control to reduce or increase air conditioning depending on the number of people in the room. So it automatically helps you save energy when there’s fewer people in the room or zone making it a great innovation for offices and shops.

Individual Control
Control temperature settings for each zone, room or floor individually! 

Adaptable Design
The outdoor units are designed to fit the aesthetics of your office or business. They blend in seamlessly with your overall building and layout design. 

Flexible Layout
Unlike older air cond technology, this new air cond system allows up to 64 indoor units to be connected to a single outdoor unit with flexible allowances for piping length. This means more flexibility in terms of designing your air conditioning system and there are no longer constraints due to your building, shop or office structure. 

How the VRV Air Cond System Works
The Daikin VRV multi-split type air cond system responds rapidly to changes based on the number of people in a room. It does all of this automatically hence smart control!
Improved Compressor Technology
The Daikin VRV air cond system's compressor is based on intelligent adjustment based on load or usage.

What is VRV?

Daikin is the first to introduce the VRV* (variable refrigerant volume) technology which refers to variable refrigerant flow control.

It circulates only the minimum amount of refrigerant needed at any one time so that you can control and customise the temperature of your areas, zones or rooms in your building.  

*VRV is a trademark of Daikin Industries, Ltd.

For Small Shops & Offices Too

The VRV technology can be used for residential or commercial buildings. For small shops and offices, ask us about the slim and compact outdoor units with air conditioning capacities up to 24kW. VRV air cond system can also be used in homes. Consult us for more! 

Attention Home Owners & Businesses in Penang

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