Air Cond Installation & General Servicing

Air Cond Installation & General Servicing includes installing new air conditioners, refilling gas, overhauling and cleaning air conditioner filters to improve the air flow and efficiency of your air conditioners.


As the authorised dealer for Topaire, Mitsubishi and Daikin air conditioning units, we are experts in installing air conditioners for your business or factory without disrupting business operations. You can choose from Wall type air conditioning units or Cassette or Ceiling type air conditioning units.

Contact us if you are unsure which type of air conditioning unit fits your needs. The prices below indicate installation price per unit.

HP Wall Type Ceiling, cassette
1.0 RM200 RM250
1.5 RM250 RM300
2.0 RM300 RM350
2.5 RM350 RM400
3.0 RM350 RM400
3.5 RM500
4.0 RM600
5.0 RM700
6.0 RM800

General Servicing

  • Clean and check filter
  • Filter checking, cleaning and washing
  • Cleaning of air conditioning evaporator coil
  • Check gas level
  • Flush drainage system
  • Checking of air conditioning fan bearing
  • Test-run system to make sure system is in proper working condition

Overhaul Servicing

Your air conditioner units need an overhaul once in a while. Overhaul servicing refers to taking down the entire air conditioner and cleaning it thoroughly. The air conditioning fins will be washed in a process called Chemical Flushing. Stubborn dirt inside the air conditioner will be flushed out this way.

Chemical flushing covers:

  • Spraying chemical on air conditioner coil
  • Clearing drainage system with chemical
  • Refilling R22 gas
  • Checking of thermostats and control
  • Test-running the air conditioning units

If your air conditioner units have not been serviced for more than 1 year, we recommend that you sign up for this service. Overhaul servicing with chemical flushing is used best to clean and maintain your air conditioners, especially if you have an air conditioner which leaks water. The price for this service depends on the Horse Power (HP) of your air conditioning unit and this service also includes refilling with 10 PSI (gas).

HP Wall Type Ceiling ducted, ceiling, cassette
1.0 RM150 RM200
1.5 RM180 RM230
2.0 RM250 RM300
2.5 RM280 RM350
3.0 RM300 RM400
3.5 RM430
4.0 RM500
5.0 RM500
6.0 RM500

Checking & Mintenance

Give us a call and we will send a team to check your problematic air conditioning units.

  • RM65 per air conditioning unit
  • Covers labour and checking costs

If your air conditioning unit needs part replacements or any other servicing, we will advise you before we proceed to replace or repair your unit. If your air conditioner needs to be refilled with gas, see prices below. The coolant or gas used is a refrigerant called chlorofluorocarbon (CFC). If your air conditioner does not contain enough CFCs, your unit will not be able to cool your room properly.

Refilling R22 Gas

We will help you refill R22, the refrigerant of choice, for your air conditioners. The table below shows you the rates for refilling air conditioner gas or coolant. The price depends on the Horse Power (HP) of your air conditioning unit and PSI (Pounds Per Square Inch),which is the common unit of measurement for pressure.

1.0HP 1.5HP 2.0HP 2.5HP 3.0HP 3.5HP 4.0HP 4.5HP 5.0HP
20 PSI RM20 RM25 RM40 RM45 RM60 RM70 RM80 RM80 RM90
30 PSI RM30 RM35 RM50 RM55 RM70 RM80 RM90 RM90 RM100
40 PSI RM40 RM45 RM60 RM65 RM80 RM90 RM100 RM100 RM110
50 PSI RM50 RM55 RM70 RM75 RM90 RM100 RM110 RM110 RM120
60 PSI RM60 RM65 RM80 RM85 RM100 RM110 RM120 RM120 RM130
70 PSI RM70 RM75 RM90 RM95 RM110 RM120 RM130 RM130 RM140
80 PSI RM80 RM85 RM100 RM105 RM120 RM130 RM140 RM140 RM150
90 PSI RM90 RM95 RM110 RM115 RM130 RM140 RM150 RM150 RM160
100 PSI RM100 RM105 RM120 RM125 RM140 RM150 RM160 RM160 RM170
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